Friday was  a morning of mixed emotions.  It was the end of the week and I would see my buddy from Sydney in a few hours but it was also the last day of my internship at the wonderful Herald Sun.

I arrived armed with a coffee and an urge to power through the rest of the things on my ‘to do’ list.

After sending through my stories to Chris, the Deputy Chief of Staff and meeting Paul who helped me go through some stories and give me much appreciated subbing advice on where I could write it better, I had a few completed stories in the paper itself and online which I was stoked about.

Soon it was lunchtime and my friend Natalie had touched down from Sydney. We went to a cute little Italian restaurant in Degraves St where I had a rather tasty Caesar salad.

After wolfing down my lunch,  I went back to the office and was introduced to some others in the room including Isabelle, who is the social media reporter.

She has a great job which involves monitoring Facebook and Twitter and making changes to the online paper. She was very lovely and gave me some Excel work to input which took a little while.

More vox pops were needed and the topic was ‘should Ned Kelly’s remains be put in a museum?’ the responses were almost identical with many thinking he was a “top bloke” and a real “Aussie legend”

Soon it was time to pack up my desk and after saying goodbyes to many of the people on the floor, I left and realised I’d be coming into the office on Monday to a new paper – mX.

Overall, a great week with many new things learnt and a few mentions in the paper.