Despite popular belief, journalists aren’t hard-hitting, cynical beings determined to chase down a story at all costs.

Okay, well maybe they are a little bit.

But, in general, they are extremely kind and helpful. Although a little prone to gossip (a necessary trait for a journalist!), the people I have met this week are extremely hard-working and considerate.

Photographers are also very interesting people and are always grateful when you offer to help carry their bags. By the way, has anyone noticed that photographers always drive? The journalists always sit in the passenger seat. Why is that??

Okay, guess I should tell you what went down over the past two days, yes?

Thursday began with a bang – a photoshoot with Callum from Masterchef at Glenelg along with some Totally Wild presenters and three exuberant kids, all under 10.

Unfortunately, there was a little tardiness involved, pushing back the photoshoot by an hour. Nevertheless, everything worked out in the end (phew!!) and I was then whisked off to get drug tested.

Don’t worry, I tested negative.

The story was about drug driving and, as “the workplace lass,” I was given the arduous duty of appearing in a photo with Inspector Thiele. Good fun!

Returning to the office, I finished off my article, sent it off to my Chief-of-Staff and, how did that happen?!, it was the end of the day.

Likewise, today passed in a blur of interviews, article writing and some rove reporting.

Then again, the atmosphere in the office was a little different today.

Saturdays are the busiest days for a Sunday paper, the intensity all the more concentrated with majority of the building empty. None of the daily or weekly paper reporters were walking around and the elevator was strangely calm.

The security desk was even closed when I arrived, causing some problems when I realised I couldn’t get in… (thank goodness for that little “ring for assistance” bell!)

At the end of the day, I was informed I would be getting two bylines in the paper (HUZZAH!), something that doesn’t happen for interns that often.

High fives all around!

My next aim for next week is to hear “that’s a good yarn” when I pitch my idea. From what I gather, this is one of the highest compliments a journalist can receive.

Fingers crossed my yarn is golden!