I drove all the way to Currumbin (which took a lot longer than Google Maps told me it would) for our 10am photoshoot. I met Laura, who does the fashion pages for Qweekend, at Currumbin Vikings Surf Life Saving Club on the beach. So far the weather seemed to be holding out, we even had a bit of sunshine. I was introduced to Emily, our model for the day, she would be showcasing…swimwear!

Russell Shakespeare was photographing the shoot and picked out some possible angles for the shots. My favourite was with Emily kneeling on the sand in front of a long shallow pool. In the back ground the black rocks curved around to frame her as waves burst up over the back of the rocks. We counted Russell in so that he could take the shot when the waves crashed (when this is published I’ll attach it to the blog so you can all check it out, if seen the finished product and it’s awesome). Emily was very exotic looking -dark hair, tanned skin- but she had bright blue eyes and in the photos they really pop against the ocean.

We used a light box on the day. It’s a flash that’s sits inside a transparent box. It diffuses¬†the flash¬†to give the impression of natural light. In the photos it looks like Emily is out on a clear day, the light is warm and glowing and makes her skin shine.

We finished up the shoot and packed up to head back to the office. I got a bit lost on the way back and ended up having to come back through Surfers paradise which took a lot longer than it did to get there. Russell has invited me to another shoot tomorrow at Sirromet Winery – we are photographing food and I might just get to eat some of it too. The only thing I wish I had done today was takes some photos to show you.