Book Bonanza

Book Bonanza

Okay so you know those times when you are inspired to go on a book spending spree? Well yesterday was one of those moments for me… As I was going about my daily business trying to locate a good hairdresser and splurging a bit by means of “retail therapy” low-and-behold! The QBD Bookshop in Strathpine had a ton of(…)

No phone, locked out and stranded!

It feels like I haven’t blogged for ages, so I didn’t know what to write about until yesterday night when I got locked out of the building. Yes, that’s right I was locked out! After meeting with Desley to discuss my progress with the article I am working on, Katie and I stayed back to(…)

Zhivago in song

Doctor Zhivago Musical QPAC, July 28 2011 performance Based on an iconic book and epic three hour movie, the musical adaptation of “Doctor Zhivago” has a lot to live up to. After all, song and dance would not be the first choice for many to convey the loneliness, individualism and ideology explored in Boris Pasternak’s(…)