My skin was drinking the cold breeze, many commuters passed me on their way to work and I needed a coffee. Now.

I decided to have coffee in famous Degraves St where the narrow array of tables and chairs is frequented by the trendy, hipster kids who wear Ray Bans in winter and op shop looking clothes that probably cost more than my entire life savings.

Ordering my coffee from a nice small cafe run by some French staff, I sat down and waited. People watching is something I find fascinating and this was the perfect spot to do it.

After collecting my coffee, I scurried off to work and arrived to my desk armed with today’s issues of both the Herald Sun and The Age to skim over while I looked at the things I was going to be doing today.

First job of the day was to look at potential stories to do. I spoke with Amelia, who does the police rounds and helped her with a research activity to see which suburbs had the most gun licences.

The job I had to was to match up the postcodes with the suburbs and this took a while to complete.

At around 11am, one of the young reporters Tom asked if I’d like to help him with a vox pop to which I happily obliged.

We went down to Southbank and tried our best to not “stalk” people through cornering them to answer our questions.

On the walk down, Tom was very helpful with advice about my internship and we had a laugh at the different stories he has covered in the past including attending a 50 Cent concert where he thought he was going to get shot to having to attend the recent pitbull attack house and interview the family of the little girl that lost her life in the attack. Absolutely heartbreaking.

We eventually got a few people to help us and my useful time with David helped me as I learnt that rushing your sentence in nerves makes people think you’re either

a.) a psychopath wanting to attack them

b.) someone trying to sell them something

or, c.) just a random weirdo that wants to talk to them for no reason whatsover

We went back up to the office and I typed up the answers.

It was already lunchtime so I went for a fairly long walk around the City looking at the shops and grabbing a wrap from the food court.

I did make a sneaky visit to my favourite cupcake store in town called ‘Little Cupcakes’ and picked up the most delicious Belgium Chocolate cupcake ever.


Devouring it in half a second, I was back at work and had organised my interview with one of the Chief of Staff; Chris.

We spoke for around 10-15 minutes and he revealed a lot about his time at HS, his career and memorable moments of his career.

After our interview, he assigned me a job to look into a psychologists new book where he examines the way we use language to covey our message to others. It was a fascinating story and I whipped up a 8-par story in no time. I hope to see that published soon.

It had already hit 4.30pm and the other young reporters were arriving for the night shift. They needed my computer so I finished up my work and was told I could leave for the day.

I walked downstairs, took a glance at the lovely river and started my short walk back to the hotel.

Another busy day at HS but an enjoyable one.

Tonight I’m off to dinner with a friend at my favourite Thai restaurant so I’m very much looking forward to that.

Hope everyone is loving their internship and John/Desley are enjoying their break from us!