Time to check in……

The first  two days went along without problem – it’s good to see the sun shinning and be out of a classroom.

It’s basically summer all year round in Bundaberg and I think that reflects in the people.

They are happy little sods and it would be difficult to find an unhappy soul anywhere in the office.

Monday resulted in the nuts and bolts of two stories being finished.

One ran today – Tuesday – on a ballet dancer.

The other will run back page tomorrow – Wednesday –  and is a sports story.

I also managed to pile hours into a 90 lined mammoth that will run on page three about unusual pets making homes in Bundaberg.

Luckily the staff and editor have all been helping me along or I would have a whole lot less to show for my effort over the two days.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their internship / holidays – I’m sure our teachers are suffering.

Probably busy with a range of activities such as relaxing on deck chairs around a pool and drinking cocktails!!!