(Pic taken this morning while I was enjoying a ‘chino and a muffin)


I had an earlier start today at the Herald Sun so after snoozing for an extra ten minutes or so, I got ready and headed down to the office.

As I had a bit of time up my sleeve and lacking coffee, I took advantage of the lovely sunny morning Melbourne had put on and sat at a cafe opposite the Yarra River and sat down.

One thing I’ve noticed after not living in Melbourne for a while is that people are generally taken aback when you greet them with a usual Queensland welcome of ‘how are ya?’ and take a moment to work out whether or not you want to rob them or just be friendly, realise the latter and smile back.

Enjoying my coffee and muffin, I spoke to my Dad who told me one of my dogs was missing me but the other “didn’t really act like you’d left” which I laughed at.

Walking into the office and settling down was the first thing I did.

The office itself is set out in a fairly modern way with a large sprawl of journalists working side by side and the more senior (and famous) journos in their own office.

My first task of the day was to phone different companies to see what the wait time was at different parts of the day. While doing this, I was working on gathering contact details for all of the fun Fathers Day activities I had found.

After doing all this, it was already 1pm! I had to duck off to grab some lunch as I was starving and decided to try a Mexican style place downstairs.

Putting on my Queensland charm worked quite well at this place after enquiring which taco was better, I ended up getting some sort of discount for my two tacos and sat down to eat.

Food was OK. Nothing fantastic but it did the job.

Headed up back upstairs and finished off the rest of the calls.

My favourite part of finding activities for the Dad’s who had everything and had no budget. I managed to find a special chartered flight to Antarctica that was available First Class for the low, low price of nearly $8,000 each.

I was asked if I would like to attend the afternoon news conference to which I answered a eager YES! even before the poor lady had finished her sentence.

News conferences in a large paper like the HS are a great thing to observe since they show just how a paper is organised, page to page, story to story.

Tomorrow’s stories sounded fascinating including a rather “exclusive” story I cannot reveal until tomorrow.

The NC lasted for around 45 minutes and we all headed back to our desks.

I finished up all my work and looked at the clock to reveal it was home time. Packed up my belongings, put in my iPod and made the lovely trek back home to my little room.

Day 3… what will you bring?