It was a beautiful morning in Melbourne and the sun was barely out.

My hotel, which is only a short 5 minute walk to the Herald Sun offices was a lovely stroll and I spent it observing and taking it all in.

However, my hyped breakfast at the Pancake Parlour didn’t turn out to be how I expected. You see with this dreadful virus/cold/flu I have, I used a nasal spray to help my blocked nose and without realising it, it took away my senses and therefore I didn’t enjoy my delicious rich pancakes 🙁

After my less than enjoyable brekky, I headed over the bridge to my new office for the next two weeks.

The area outside was busy with many office folk, all running around getting their caffeine fix and after speaking with security about being let in, I made it.

Waiting in the lobby for Debbie, who would look after the H.R aspect of the internship, I met a few young work experience guys who were very lovely and had a quick chat with a 16 year old who seemed at least 25 with the wealth of knowledge he had about journalism and how much he wanted this opportunity.

I was impressed. Not only did this kid realise what he wanted to be, he had made an effort to make things happen.

We parted ways and I headed into the Editorial area where I was seated next to Rosemary, a HS senior who had been there for thirty years.

She helped me with log in details on my PC and I settled in. I met Kathy, who looked after the area and I started reading the paper.

I had skimmed through it at breakfast but I spent the next half an hour or so thoroughly going through it, looking for practical leads to new stories.

Shortly after this, I was assigned some work to look into why people still use photo albums and after a few phone calls to friends, I ended up speaking with Mum who helped me with a close friend of hers who did scrap booking.

Bingo. I had someone for the story and it was solved.

It was already lunch time so I headed down to the local food court for some Chinese and it was tasty. I spent it people watching and generally strolling around.

After lunch, I was assigned to look for Father’s Day ideas and found a stack of great (and adventerous) things for Dad to do on Sunday.

I also met another journo Wes who asked if I could help him with some research into companies wait times tomorrow which I happily obliged to do.

I finished my Father’s Day activities and soon enough it was already 5:15pm. Time to head home.

An enjoyable first day and I am certainly looking forward to what day two brings!