Day One at Qweekend ran like a well-oiled machine. I arrived on time at exactly 9am along with three other interns (and yes I was worried that they would be in the same department and it would be like scene out of Gossip Girl, complete with perfume in the coffee style sabotage) but as we got shown around the office each intern was dropped at their respective department and I found I had Qweekend all to myself.

My desk is next to my best buddy, Trent Dalton, but we didn’t get to hang out today because he wasn’t at the office. However, I met the rest of the Qweekend staff and they’re all super friendly.

I was put straight to work doing the Hot Tickets section and trying to find a cool new gadget to feature. It was a lot different than doing the ‘What’s On’ during my Quest Ipswich News internship, the Hot Tickets sections required a short comment and allowed me to get a bit creative, which was great fun. I gave them a few different options for the gadget, my favourite of which was the BBQ fork which told you how well your meat was cooked, rare all the way up to well done…. the Qweekend reader will never have an over cooked steak again.

Matt Condon, the editor of Qweekend, invited me to join the Monday morning meeting and was happy to give me background information on what they were talking about so that I could be truly involved. It was a great experience to see all these creative juices flowing as they discussed how they thought the flow and direction of story should go, what pictures would compliment the context and portray the right feeling to the audience, ideas for the names of different sections, how the layout of pages would effect the feel and understanding of the magazine and the December ‘Classic Summer Holiday’ edition. I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to put some of my ideas and opinions forward and to be a part of that creative process.

I got invited to a fashion shoot on the Gold Coast tomorrow for the fashion section of the magazine so I’m hoping the weather will hold out until at least lunchtime.