“We’re trying this new fad called jogging. I believe it’s jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild.”

Much like Ron Burgundy, I have discovered jogging.

Every afternoon, I pull on my sneakers, don an old shirt and pair of shorts and start to run.

But recently, I have begun to question why I do this.

Why do I force myself to run around in circles every day? Is it really worth it?

So I have compiled a little list, just to show myself (and anyone else out there) that all this running is worth it.

My Health

Yes, this may be a given, but it was a nice surprise when I realised my daily jogs were actually improving my health.

I can now easily touch my toes (a bi-product of stretching before and after every run), I can run further and faster.

I also enjoy running up hills now. Whereas I used to groan when faced with a hill, I now relish the feeling of running down a hill, knowing that soon enough I will have to run up it again.

Running up a hill may be daunting, and the temptation to walk is sometimes overwhelming, but then I remember that I will have to make it to the top of the hill sometime – I may as well run up it and get there quicker!

There is one downfall to my health… and that’s the blisters!

All I can say is – thank goodness for bandaids!

The Adventures

Running around my local neighbourhood is a lot different to driving around it.

For one thing, you notice things that you normally wouldn’t.

I’ve discovered a hairdresser working from home, a small park hidden, unexpectedly, next to a busy intersection and a pile of old tyres down a one-way street.

I have also saved a dog from getting run over, helped someone with directions and given the time to someone waiting at a bus stop.

A negative to these adventures? The embarrassment when you fall over. Especially when you’re running next to a main road.

Luckily, I’ve limited this “adventure” to four times so far!

Time to think

As I don’t listen to music while I run, I am left with nothing else to do but think.

I plan exactly what I will do when I get home, what books I will need for the next day and what I will make for dinner that night.

Sometimes I even get poetic and start making songs up in my head. Yes, they are invariably useless, but it’s always nice to pretend I’m artistic.

I even start writing my blogs – which is exactly how this one came about!

The Support

One of the nicest things about going for a run is the support you get.

Shouts of “You’re almost there!” never fail to make me run faster up a hill.

Another side of this support is the wolf-whistling.

Now, one part of me wants to get all feminine and offended. But the fact is – it’s a bit of a confidence boost!

Yes, the people driving past may be very short-sighted but it’s nice to know I’m beepable, even when sweating profusely and stumbling down a hill.

The Smugness

On my regular route, I run past a KFC.

And as I run past the long queue of cars in the drive-through, I can’t resist feeling a little smug.

Look at you,” I think. “Sitting in your cars waiting to eat fried chicken. Look at me! I’m so healthy!”

Okay, I know I will get home and eat some chocolate. But they don’t know that.

So it’s nice to feel superior, even if only for a moment!

To conclude…

I know there are probably a whole lot more benefits to jogging. And I guess it depends on the person in the end.

But for now, this list will keep me running (and maybe you!) for the next few weeks at least 🙂