Day 1.

Arriving at the office of the Courier Mail, I surprisingly find the revolving door isn’t revolving and all other entry points are locked.

A security guard eventually opens a door for me and I meet with the other interns (including Harry from class) while our contact is notified.

First we attend training which occupies our time until lunch and look around the building.

The office reminds me of a sardine tin only much bigger, there are over 1000 people working autonomously, a cafe, cafeteria, library and television screens everywhere.

Television screens sound great but there is never time to watch.

I will be working in the feature-arts section of the paper, TV Editor Geoff Shearer is the man in charge – although I later find out his staff disagree, but he is helpful right away getting me involved.

Towards the end of the day I’m given the opportunity to work on two feature-stories and need to come up with some ideas for the Radar section in the paper.

Tuesday will be busy.

Day 2.

I have been working into the night researching my articles and will interview stage performer Paul Watson today.

He is proving evasive as I try to get the interview over early.

Finally I talk with Paul at lunchtime which is great, I can get to work writing.

The article comes together fairly well and will go to print Friday. (When I say well I mean it was lots of work but the end product was sufficient)

I am asked to research the Smurfs for a Radar article on my way out the door – strange concept, but I research from home.

Day 3.

Starting to settle in now and find myself enjoying the environment more each day.

Interviewing David Hinchliffe first up for a feature story, he is donating time and art for a charity event, sounds like an interesting article.

I also start writing the Smurf story for Radar.

The Hinchliffe interview goes really well, however I would have liked to ask a few more questions – he was due in council but I think I have enough.(2.5 pages of notes)

I finish the Smurf story by 3pm and start on the Hinchliffe article. Smurf will print next Thursday

The first half of the story come together really well and I take it home to continue working.

It is mostly finished by the time State of Origin starts so I watch the game.

Go Queensland

Day 4.

I decide to change what I worked on last night and take a different approach to the Hinchliffe story.

It seems to have worked and is finished around lunch time. I feel confident with my work and it’s approved to print on Monday.

The week so far has been good, I have found myself extremely busy but have also accomplished more than I hoped.

I start working on my next story for the CM2 lift-out.  I need ideas for the ‘go for it’ section which gives an account of an activity in first person.

I decide to write a story on life drawing and start my research.  I phone around and manage to find contact details of a guy who attends classes at West End.

I interview him before going home and think I have something to work with.

I work into the night again and finish off at home around 8pm.

Day 5.

Last day of intern and I have a full day.

I must finish the Life Drawing article, attend a photo shot with David Hinchliffe, interview Geoff my editor and work at Suncorp for the Broncos match.

The life drawing article is finished just after lunch and I leave for the photo-shoot, I don’t save my changes and the morning of work disappears – bugger!!

David is late, the photographer is late and my story is waiting to be finished.

Thankfully we get the shots we need so the Hinchliffe article will now run, what a relief.

But I have just wasted an important hour on photos.

I get back to the office and finish my final story, arranging a photographer for Monday week.  The article will print in two weeks.

Now I quickly sit down with Geoff and he has some great advice during the interview-unfortunately I find out later my audio recording didn’t save. (should have taken notes but was in a rush).

Will go to Suncorp now and cover the match, intern is over and went well.

Great Experience!!!!