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Sometimes talking just doesn’t say it all.

Why? I think perhaps it’s because no matter what our voices are saying, our actions are always tell a stronger message.

People watching is really an art form that’s best observed in silence. This isn’t the kind of people watching that is done from your lounge chair while watching reality tv, this is the real kind of people watching.

The kind when people are rushing around in a hurry.

Or not.

The kind when people have presented themselves with the best they have to dress in, to come out into the public sphere of judgment and ridicule about the modern, fashionable world of questionable class and glamour.

Or not.

The kind when people are on their best behaviours not to flash any inappropriate body parts or overly express any bodily need while strangers are looking on… or not.

It can be done alone, or with other people watching enthusiasts, and is done by simply watching and appreciating the differences of people. No judgment should be made, just the observation, tolerance and perhaps even acceptance of the choices made by some. Its’ often done in public, in a busy mall, or on public transport, particularly on trains.

It’s an amazing sport of sports, challenging participants and watch and watch only, while the diversity of the world surrounds them.

Isn’t it exciting when the whole world is living on and you have that moment to just wait and watch? To see more then the blur of a fast paced world can really be a challenge, with the need to live a fast paced life in order to keep up. But in taking the time to share the space of the day or night with innocent by-passers with their own agenda’s, perhaps you’ll find a little spark of inspiration that wasn’t there before, and that you may have missed otherwise.

So, are you a people watcher?