I bound down the hallway this morning. In my pj’s. I jump up onto my mum’s bed .

Smother her with a big bear hug and kisses saying, “Happy Mother’s Day Ma!” This has been my tradition since i was a kid.

Funny thing is even though i’m a mum myself now i forget my role and only have thoughts for my mum, but she says back warmly “Happy Mother’s Day to you too darling!”

My 3-year-old daughter mirrors the same greeting, bounds up into my arms flower in hand and whispers in my ear “Happy Mother’s Day mummy!” while my son runs around my ankles excitedly catching onto the excitement.

My dad calls my phone at that moment and says in that old age familiar voice that i love, “Happy Mother’s Day dear!”

Gosh I love mother’s day.

For memory it has always been such a lovely day of warm fuzzy feelings…

Showering mum with gifts,  the usual serving of breakfast in bed and sunny weather accompanied by a lunch with the family and dinner. Now i know just how lovely it to be pampered for being a mummy…

I can’t speak for all but I know today holds a signifigance close to my heart…

Without sounding clich’e my mother’s role in my life of unconditional love, discipline, a shoulder to cry on a confidant and a friend has brought me that much more appreciation for her existence in my life… Not even just as my mother. But also a devoted grandmother to my two children… She spoils them more than I do… Maybe it’s just a grandmother’s perogotive… No doubt i’ll be just like that with my grandchildren…

It’s the most beautiful thing in life having an incredible mother and grandmother (to my minions).

Being a mum myself i know just how blessed i feel to celebrate not just Mother’s Day but every day knowing how important a mother’s role is. To our children. And to society in general.

So thank you mum for all that you’ve done and all that you are! You are irreplacable!

And to all mothers and grandmothers let today be as special as you are!

A mother’s day poem:

You’ve given me two things
One is roots
The other’s wings