Mothers day.

Its one day a year where everyone can show their appreciation for their mum’s and may I add, women in general.

Held on this important day is Australia’s largest national charity event, the Mothers Day Classic.

Thousands of people turned out today to take part in a walk and run marathon to help support and raise money for a crucial cause, breast cancer research.

Breast cancer affects hundreds of women every year and thanks to this fundraiser, a massive $7.8 million has been raised since it began back in 1998.

Being my first time experiencing this amazing event, blew me away the amount of people coming together united with the same purpose.

I give a lot of credit to all the men, women and children who either took part or volunteered.

Hearing the stories of the women who have suffered from breast cancer, and the families that have been affected is heart wrenching… but it certainly was not a day of sorrow.

It is a day of celebration for those who have come through such a horrible experience, a day of remembrance for those who haven’t and a day of hope for the future of breast cancer research.

The pure dedication and determination shared by all who attends is an amazing feeling to experience.

Its times like these where community spirit never ceases to amaze me.

Keeping in mind that today is also very much about showing mum’s how special they are, I would like to give a special tribute of my own to my mum.

To do this I would like to share a poem I wrote when I was a little girl in remembrance of my mum.

It is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, an Aunt we all yearn,

A beautiful person from whom we each learn.

My Mum is so special, caring and kind,

She is pretty and generous, with a beautiful mind.

It is with people like Retta we grow an unmistakable bond,

A loved one we keep in our hearts and grow fond.

But sometimes life is not so fair,

It left a hole in our hearts, an unfixable tear.

We miss you and love you, so together we pray,

That we will meet in Heaven one day

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there…