Osama Bin Laden was killed on Sunday by America, a wish come true for most of the world. But I still cannot completely believe that he is actually dead. No more to be seen or heard about. No more giving orders to kill people or start holy wars. Nothing. Wow.

I’m not sure if it is only I or maybe others, but even though it felt like forever to hunt down the most wanted man, it felt like seconds or very little time to get rid of the man himself. I mean, yes, I’m somewhat relieved he is no longer around, but his name or memory no longer seem relevant to me. Funny feeling, I know, but is it just me?

One thing people seem to forget while celebrating the death of this terrorist, is that it is ironic he was killed as a “martyr”. Bin Laden said that he will never be caught alive, well; at least he got that partly right. Osama got exactly what he wanted, to be killed and not face justice. Here I mean justice of the courts, of the law and being sentenced, rather than being killed in 40 minutes.

Justice is a term that we all use and expect to be granted to be given to us. Human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC argues that Bin Laden should have been put to trial rather than his death appearing like a martyr.  Mr Robertson said, “The way to demystify him, rather than to these soulful pictures of the tall man on the mountain, is to put him on trial, to see him as a hateful and hate-filled old man screaming from the dock or lying in the witness box. That way the true inhumanity of the man is exposed.”

I couldn’t agree more. Just compare that killing with the hanging of Sadaam Hussein, which had a trial and was sentenced to be hanged. It proved that the dictator was not above the law and paid the price for his horrendous acts. Yes, I can hear people arguing that Osama paid the price of his life, but for a mastermind and fanatic like him, it is a free ticket to “paradise”. “What he wanted was exactly what he got – to be shot in mid-jihad and get a fast track to paradise and the Americans have given him that,” Mr Robertson said.

Whether or not killing Bin Laden was the best approach, time will tell. One thing this event makes clear is that no matter how much evil a person can do, they will come to an end; they will be found and punished accordingly. Of course, it does not eradicate terrorism, far from it. It just chops the head of the serpent off, but the serpent is still alive. My real fear is that we will have a more hateful, radical and brainwashed man taking over Osama. The worry now is the retaliation of such jihad die hard followers to society. Let’s remain safe and vigilant.