As I sat down with my third cuppa and Sunday’s paper after missing out on reading it yesterday, I did something I do regularly through the day and that was check the headlines on my handy, dandy iPhone.

“Osama’s dead: REPORT” it read. It couldn’t be could it? I thought to myself. Did the US really capture and destroy the most hated man in America?

I turned the TV to CNN in hope they were covering this story. Oh boy were they. The small text read “Osama Bin Laden, dead” and I was still a little apprehensive if this was actually true.  But as I flicked through several reliable news channels including the BBC, it did look to be the case.

As President Obama addressed the nation confirming indeed that this was true, I had a sudden overwhelming feeling of familiarity. The same feeling I got when I first heard about the 9/11 attacks. I feel that this moment will be one that most of us will remember, something that we will say to friends “where were you when Osama was found dead?”

And while I have been glued to the news all day, I am still a little puzzled about the entire thing. Like it has been mentioned earlier, Osama’s sister was found dead in Boston several months ago and the C.I.A had matched her brain to Osama’s DNA therefore confirming his identity.

This does not add up at all to me. I have tried to Google any articles regarding this and not much comes up. While I don’t like writing about something I don’t have all the facts in front of me to prove, I still think that this revelation has some sort of merit towards it.

Several theories are floating around including the C.I.A getting rid of his sister in order to have something to “confirm” his identity.

We have seen them all. Roswell, Marilyn Munroe, etc. Many theories regarding the C.I.A and their practices don’t always add up and while I would like to think they’ve finally got their main man you do have to wonder just how much they’re keeping from us in order to provide some sort of “front” to the rest of the World.

As I sit here, wondering what to believe I do know something. Even if he is dead, this is certainly not over.