After watching a fascinating documentary recommended by David Douglas Stewart (a regular on Newsbytes and former student of Jschool) I got to thinking about the way the notoriously private world of North Korea is run.

In the doco titled ‘Red Tape and Comedy in North Korea’ it follows three men on their journey from Denmark to North Korea to present the country with a comedy show they had created.

The entire thing is orchestrated by Mads Br├╝gger, a journalist who has no shame in sarcastically exclaiming his love for the Great Leader, the one the only Kim Jong Il.

What makes this documentary different than the others is the constant strain between the comedy duo of Jacob and Simon and Mads.

The obvious attempt of Mads to want to get on the good side of the North Koreans is obvious but it does get frustrating at times, which becomes clear when Jacob, who also is handicapped, has a breakdown and simply can’t take the unwanted attention he is recieiving based on his handicap.

The whole thing is fascinating to watch. I have always been a little obsessed with the way North Korea is run. I have often wondered whenever or not the people had been curious to know what else is out there or would it be like some of us wondering if there were UFO’s or life elsewhere? A silly idea or something to be seriously considered.

So clearly not a lot of people would be too fond of the idea of having no power to do what they wanted, when they wanted nor being able to freely explore the Internet to see the opinions of others regarding the Government.

But in saying that, would there be some people that would dare I say it, interested in this lifestyle? Some that would be comfortable being told what to do, when to do it and people telling them the decisions they needed to make.

Now some of you may be laughing thinking is this girl serious? But let’s think about it for a moment. I do know a few people in my life that frustrate me to the point I reconsider our friendship based on their indeciveness.

Their lack of power to decide something has me quietly thinking they may be perfect candidates for this sort of dictatorship because they wouldn’t ever be forced to make a decision whether or not they were going to have that extra slice of banana bread.

So maybe I was kidding about deporting the indecisive to North Korea but I still believe people should be more appreciative of the free speech and power to make whatever decision they like in a country like Australia.

And finally if you’re still not convinced the man is completely bonkers, take a look at this site.