I sat through a murder trial today – the end of it really. The first part was last week.

It wasn’t dramatic like on Law & Order. The murder was discussed so matter-of-factly that in my head I’m going ‘this person might be locked up for a very long time. How can you be like it’s just another day at the office’.

But I guess that’s what it is for the judge and the lawyers. Just another day. And how could they do their jobs properly if they didn’t have that distance?

Seemingly inconsequential details were examined minutely. DNA results were introduced, not to incriminate but to eliminate.

An expert witness gave evidence about the position of the furniture in the room, using an interactive video. There was the bed. And there was the victim on the bed, sleeping the big sleep.

How did the family feel, seeing that?

The court was shown CCTV footage of the killer, agitated and smoking a lot and drinking endless cups of coffee. Texting on his mobile. We were watching the preamble to a murder.

The accused didn’t look vicious or evil. He looked like a regular guy. And maybe he is just a regular guy – most days.

The summing up is tomorrow.