The use of internet dating sites being a craze for singles globally  could be similarly the new form of online shopping.

Let’s face it, cyber dating has been around for a while now.

But with the internet age that we currently live in and a bombardment of major social networking sites like facebook, myspace and twitter, online dating sites i would say share the similar extent of popularity.

My recent observation of one particular dating site has given me insight into the dating arena.

It reads: “Now the #1 dating site in Australia,” according to Experian Hitwise in the Lifestyle Dating Category since 2010.

It continues on with: “More than 3,000,000 members. 100% free. No charges. Unlimited contacts, instant messaging and gallery photos.”

Marketing for love never looked more appealing.

Cupids answer for lonely souls on the world wide web? It makes perfect sense.

Single men and women ages 18-69+ promote themselves by advertising a “profile description”  and the criteria of what they are seeking. It’s almost like applying for  an online job application.

Naturally, with people leading such busy lifestyles of work commitments, families, study pursuits and recreational activities this “love” search-engine is quite an effective and efficient way of socialising.

Well, as opposed to the typical pub/club crawl routine in the hope to “get lucky.”

Surprisingly it’s not limited to singles either. Married men and women also utilise this website as a way of branching out to find friends and even date externally.

Friendship. Casual Dating. Or a Relationship. The 3 options.

My  take on it?

Consumers (members) advertise their  “goods” with a wish-list of specific criteria in the hope to find their “product” and buy it. The cost? Well by offering themselves for exchange.

There’s definitely a mixture of characters on there though.

A little bit of big noteing,  some brief to the point of mysterious and the working professional who is seeking genuine committment with “that special someone”. They tend to have a slightly more serious approach. As you would expect.

Then there’s suggestive profiles with names such as: “talldarkhandsome…” or “lookingforhotties”… Quite amusing really. Maybe it works for some.

This website’s success stories do prove that many couples have met their matches and are living happily ever after.

The instant chat messenger is an interesting part of it. Talking to different people (like msn, or chatrooms) it’s also a bit like an ebay bid. When a person goes online it’s” first in first serve” to see which “early bird catches the worm.”

A fascination for some. A raving success for others. It’s really proof that now more than ever we are living in a “cyber-riddled” era.

Even to find love.