The moment you walk into Max Brenner’s restaurant in Brisbane’s Southbank area, you instantly smell the warm, soothing smells of our dearest friend; chocolate.

This was my first time checking out what I had been told was a “chocoholics dream” and this was certainly the case. My eyes lit up as I looked up at the menu board which featured such delicious options such as chocolate souffle, banana praline crepes and the one I chose in the end; chocolate fondue for two.

Although I was in the company of a friend, I could have honestly eaten this alone.

We waited in line with the other chocoholics for 20 long minutes before our order was taken and it seemed as soon as we took our seats on the gloriously dark brown wooden chairs, we had in front of us what could only be described as what I would choose as my final meal if I was on death row.

Our hot chocolates were divine. A mix of pure unadulterated chocolate with creamy, warm milk they were something out of this world.

Once I placed my first strawberry into the hot, gooey chocolate I knew this was it for the diet. There was no way I was going to limit myself on something so sensational and delicious.

The restaurant itself is beautifully intimate with the candlelight atmosphere mixed with the dark chocolate-like wood, you feel like you should be in Switzerland.

Overall, I will definitely be coming back for another visit. That’s if my personal trainer lets me.