Yes, you read correctly, this is no April Fools. This is a genuine ode to the Brisbane mX publication.

Not only does this free paper give me another chance to observe the writing of other journalists, but it certainly fills the gaps in my 1 and a half hour trip back home that my MP3 cannot.

Of course this paper has all the usual daily stories and big news making waves in our society, however there’s something else that I look forward to reading that many other newspapers do not offer.

When I flip open the pages of the mX, I immediately search for the ‘What the?’, ‘Nice one’, ‘It’s true’ and small side stories unaccompanied by photos, that lay quietly between the hard hitting news stories.

I must admit, that knowing I’ll have the opportunity to read about topics such as the approval of cannabis ice-cream, the busy sex workers in Christchurch, servicing search and rescue staff, builders and police officers during the earthquake clean up and let’s not forget the man who was arrested for breaking into the Altrincham police station in Britain, and making himself a bowl of porridge.

These small snippets of weird and random stories, help remind me of the wonders of the world that aren’t necessarily heard about while the bigger things are happening. Giving me at least one giggle a day, this paper is most definitely worth the stretch of my arm out to pick it up, and a smile to thank the person handing them out.

Thank-you, mX.