Am sitting at TDN and have just read Anthony’s feature on the biff ladies – great names they all had, and I enjoyed it. This is a magic part of the world and went exploring this weekend as can’t go that far on my bike. Last week there were two of us here; Beccy was(…)

iNtern 2.0

iNtern 2.0

My second internship will start in less than thirty minutes. 10:30 induction. I’ve been staying in the same guesthouse as AG. He had a big feature published in his paper today with nice big colour pictures. Anyway, this post is about me. I’ve got three story ideas I want to pitch to the paper. Time(…)

Ms Kerr, eat your heart out

The Sunshine Coast Daily: My intention for this internship was to (hopefully) blow the socks off the editor. It’s difficult to gauge whether I’m even making an impression though, since I don’t know what they’re normal expectations of interns are. I’ve filed three features and one wedding story so far, and two of them have(…)

Waiting in turn

I write this as I wait at Brisbane Domestic Airport with my “smart” phone. Its so clever that I can update the JSchool blog without the intimidation of a PC. I am on my way to Melbourne to do a week with News Ltd. Last week saw me a nephew again- in the sense that(…)

Different Daddys = Different Babies

Before this week I didn’t realise how much style differs in newspapers. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (where I am), or as Dave Stuart likes to call it the Mourning Bully, is an APN paper and I have only ever grazed in the heavily fenced pastures of News Limited style. While the cattle town of Rocky(…)

Day Three at The Age

The last thing I want to do right now is write! I’ve got a headache from staring at a computer screen all day, so I think I’ll just do a brief update on my time at The Age so far. So far it has gone quite well – I’ve already got a couple of by-lines(…)

You had me at Portfolio.

Oh, why hello 700 word feature with several sources. About engagement rings? really? You seem to have my name on it. You’re getting published on wednesday? how exciting. You know where you would look really good? In my portfolio. Thanks for that. Doing me a giant favour. Sincerely, The Intern.