1) If the story is about someone annoyed about something they must stand, arms crossed, with shoulders offset at 30 degrees but still looking at the camera.

2) they must look “pissed off”

3) They must be in the close foreground with more people way back in the background. (10m should be enough)

4) Photo must be taken from 2.5m off the ground looking down on the subject OR from ground level looking up (less preferred). Normal viewing angles not accepted.

5) Subject must be in the left of righ third of the frame. No other framing methods please. Forget your points of power.

Anything remotely different from this will not be accepted.

Everything MUST be posed and look posed. No spontaneous photos please!

And I quote: “I don’t like the Sydney Morning Herald, they use to much art in their photo’s”…… hmmmmmm