Is it normal for there to be press releases on Mondays that aren’t helpful in any way?

So yes, that’s been my main annoyance today. I’ve been trying to find something to write about all day but haven’t found anything of interest to this area yet.

Actually, I just spoke to my friend Kyren at lunch who offered the idea of writing about Kevin Rudd being in town, though of course I’m writing for the North West News, so unless K-Rudd decides to swing it on over to Everton Park or Ferny Hills, I’m stuck. Then she noticed it was time for school to finish, and said I should just look up the school times and write about them … yes. Actually, I realised that was so stupid I laughed – for over ten minutes.

Oh well, today hasn’t been a complete waste of time. I’ve written up an article on a press release from Energex about a pool pump of all things that supposedly reduces electricity use during peak times by only letting pool filters work during off-peak.

Now I’m trying to chase up a father of two from Everton Park who has designed the world’s first “ear mufflers” for young children.

Bring on tomorrow.