As I entered the newsroom as usual and Shirley told me the article I wrote was published in today’s Sunshine Coast Daily.
I could not make sense of what she said, but I found it was true!
As is often the case with me, 30-percent happiness and 70-percent shame covered my mind as I read through it again.
I don’t wish you take it wrong. I am not negative or disappointed.
Because I know I have been accepting strong supports from those around me, I am a bit frustrated with my inability to write beautiful article with rich expressions all by myself. I mean I felt I had neglected my efforts to repay the infinite supports.
But simultaneously, I always make stronger my decision to improve all kinds of skills required to be a great journalist.
By the way, when Shirley talked on the phone, I suddenly guessed who the caller was because she abruptly said my name.
As I pricked up my ears to what she was talking and kept listening, my guess was getting warm.
Soon after that, I got a heart-warming email of encouragement from the caller to Shirley.

“Hi Atsushi – Ogenki desu ka(How are you)?
Congratulations on the story published today.
It’s a very nice profile piece. Well done.”

I would like to keep training to create more wonderful stories, although it will continue forever!