Fridays are happiest and busiest days every week.
Blue and white collar workers works as hard as possible to finish their Friday’s jobs as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s and to enjoy happy and relaxing weekdays.
The staff at the Sunshine Coast Daily are also working so hard that they cannnot chat with their colleagues and meet the deadline of weekend papers.
My superviser Shirley was in trouble. She was in charge of her feature articles, sub-editing, designs, and of course taking care of me.
I knew I should never disturb her duty, but I ask about something that I have to do.
Shirley was kind enough to give me some directions and advice with smile.
I had nothing to do in the afternoon. Looking around the newsroom, reporters and editors keep typing sliently.
But, strangely, they did not seem to be frustrated.
As is usual case with Japanese company, all the staffers may be handled with kid gloves in this situation.
So, most newcomers at the Japanese companies probably are in trouble with dealing with their trouble shooting.
They have some terrible experiences to be freezed just after talk to someone, saying “Excuse me, but…” with no reply from the respondant.
I suggested Shirley, busy with miscellaneous assignments, that I should leave there earlier.
She agreed with me and said to me, “I’m sorry. Have a nice weekend!”
Rather, I should say sorry to her…