The second day of my internship challenge started with covering a Scouts story, which my supervisor Shirley gave me in the morning.
Simultaneously, I have to chase another story about the difficulties the international students of University of the Sunshine Coast.
I spent all the day making phone calls and writing those articles.
Those processes seemed to lead me to a real journalist.
But it was hard to say something good about my efforts.
First, I did not ask good questions on the telephone interview.
Second, as a result, I could not write a good story (rather, a worst one!!)
The story was so bad that Shirley was almost frozen just after she read it!
Shirley advised me not to stick to the inverted triangle structure and fact-based article.
Newspapers have their own preferable structures of news articles.
In case of the Sunshine Coast Daily, their readers apparently ask for a catchy article.
The revised article Shirley sub-edited did not retain the original form.
It was well-organised and brilliant…
I was watching her editing my boring article, listening to her useful and instructive advice, and feeling as if she were a wizard and could revive a dead and rotten fish.
My desperate efforts will continue …