My first day of internship at the Sunshine Coast Daily passed like the storm which hit here today. I mean it was too fast to pass to clearly remember what happened.
My supervisor, Ms Shirley Sinclair, gave me an assignment to write a feature story on the experience of international students staying in Australia as well as my own personal story based on what I found in Brisbane.
First, I did a quick research on the website of the University of the Sunshine Coast and made a phone call to the international student admission office.
But the officer in charge who would give me answers to my questions was not available. Although I asked the operator to call me back later, I could not get them today.
Umm… Maybe tomorrow…
Second, although I tackled my own story, I could not come up with the ideas and the structure to organize the story.
I was completely at a loss as to what to do probably because I could not have a clear image of who is the reader, what to write, and how to finish it.
I had difficulty in writing a feature story during the course in Jschool. A feature story is always my challenge to overcome and a barrier that prohibits me from going ahead.
By the way, all the staff of the Sunshine Coast Daily are kind to me. The newsroom was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
I was allowed to be at the editorial meeting. News items are listed on the whiteboard. The editor-in-chief, a representative of photo section and reporters attended it and they talked about which item to be placed on which page.
I am so exhausted now. That is probably because I am not used to the atmosphere of the newsroom.
Anyway, I need to study how to write a good feature more quickly and write more.