By Tim Eakins – Mock Federal Parliament Correspondent 

Opposition Leader Brett Barfoot’s leadership of the Bevan Party came under fire again yesterday when he embarrassingly admitted to not knowing the difference between Greece and Turkey.

Mr Barfoot, who should had been on the attack over Prime Minister Tim Eakins’ trip to Melbourne on a dumpling fact-finding mission found himself instead on the defence.

The mix up came during question time when Mr Barfoot continued to confuse the two countries when quizzing Mr Eakins about his choice of dumplings. 

Mr Barfoot said the mix up was regrettable but it was hardly an issue when compared to the Prime Minister using taxpayers money to go on a trip to Melbourne to eat dumplings.

“The Prime Minister has used taxpayer’s money to fly to Melbourne and eat dumplings. What’s wrong with bangers and mash right here,” Mr Barfoot said.

But Mr Eakins said it was clear Mr Barfoot had failed year five geography.

“Even more concerning is Mr Barfoot does not find it necessary for the Prime Minister to visit his home state of Victoria,” Mr Eakins said.

“Dumplings are an important part of the Australian economy, especially in Victoria and Mr Barfoot obviously has no concerns for Australian jobs.”

Greek community leader Con The Fruiter said he was disappointed in the way Mr Barfoot had handled himself.

“It’s like not knowing the difference between a watermelon and a banana. He should resign within a coupl-a-days,” Mr Fruiter said.

About the House

Good Day:
Prime Minister Tim Eakins who highlighted the opposition’s shortcomings and avoided questions on his dumpling trip like a pro.

Deputy Opposition Leader Rhys McCrae who hung his leader out to dry and is widely tipped to challenge for the leadership next week.

Bad Day:

Opposition Leader Brett Barfoot who spent all day trying to recover from his mistake.

Treasurer Ben Rodney who announced the government’s styled hair cut for every child by 2010 policy but who forgot to get a haircut himself.

Quote Of The Day:

“Do I need to remind the opposition we are awesome. We have awesome policy and awesome people and are all about awesome events. The only thing awesome on that side of the house is the fact they get to look at us.” – Minister for Awesomeness and Sport Adrian Demack loving the use of his favourite word.