Ten things learnt from a week covering Parliament House.

1 – Make sure your fly is done up on the first day.
2 – Double check your fly is done up the second day.
3 – If you are wearing a suit, striking teachers may think you are the Government.
4 – If you tell the Premier: “I really appreciate your efforts,” she may offer you a PR job.
5 – Anna Bligh knows how to wear a pantsuit better than Hillary Clinton.
6 – You can’t read the Courier-Mail in the public gallery. Not sure if New Idea or Ralph is acceptable.
7 – No bathroom in all of Parliament House has a hand dryer. This makes drying wet socks a hard task.
8 – Question time is less fun to watch if you are wearing wet socks.
9 – TV journalists look less handsome in person but opposition leaders look more handsome.
10 – The cafeteria offers 1980s food at 1970s prices!