The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman was on the TV news last night having a whinge about abandoned shopping trolleys.

It showed the man walking through a graveyard of shopping trolleys looking forlorn and concerned. He would not of looked out of place at a mass disaster site.

He mentioned that he was considering bringing in by-laws to force supermarkets to pay a collection fee for their abandoned trolleys and fines for people leaving a shopping centre with a trolley.

But Mr Newman I don’t think this is the main issue with supermarkets that Brisbane City Council should be looking at.

A new by-law that would give city council workers the power to fine people who go through the ten items or less isle with over ten items should be implemented immediately.

A crack task force of under cover council agents could patrol the supermarkets of Brisbane and perform item counts on people’s trolleys going through the ten items or less isle.

The penalty could be a combination of fines and community service. The community service could consist of forcing charged offenders to collect abandoned shopping trolleys. Then everybody wins.