QT = Not seeing the sun for 5 days.

My pallid complexion will tell you that the only light I have seen recently is from the mournful glow of a computer screen. Windows seem to be at a premium in a newsroom reserved for the front door and the toilet. But I was so busy my brain relegated any thoughts of the birds and(…)

It’s time I learnt another langue

Blog from Cairns:   Note: This blog was written day three in Cairns but I have had trouble logging in!      Trying to find a “good” tourist information shop has a whole new meaning. Rule number one when you are in Cairns and looking for a tourist information centre make sure the travel agent(…)

morality slipping ?

I’ve recently noticed my instincts in everyday life have changed since starting jschool in Feb. Nothing drastic, just a few little changes to my reactions to certain things. such as whenever i go to a movie or gig i’m constantly thinking about whether or not it’s worth reviewing. Also the other week Delphine and i(…)


The surprise  of the year: politicians are, in reality, pretty funny people! And that’s not especially a compliment… In fact, when you put them all together in the same room, the result is actually quite interesting. you just changed them into kids!! Those people are supposed to take decisions, improve the life of the people they are(…)

Shameless self-promotion or job desperation? Perhaps both.

Well I will cut to the chase. Here is the link to my blog… roblockyear.blogspot.com. I was thinking of calling it Lockyear’s World as a homage to John Simpson but thought that might have been a little bit egoistic. The ease with which a blog can be created scares me a little bit. Anyone can(…)

Reality Rot

It sounds like any one of the mind-rotting reality television shows that currently bombard our screens. It could be Big Brother, [insert country] Idol, or one of the shows that follow the tribulations of the obese while they fight cattily with one another and try to lose 500 kilos in three weeks. But it’s not.(…)