So day 1 and 2 ended. I don’t know how but they did and I had written stuff and even said something slightly relevant at the news conference. I was beginning to unclench. Vox Pops were being thrown at me like Australian backpackers throw tomatoes at La Tomatina in Valencia. In the 5 days I was there I did 7 Vox Pops. It is amasing how not having to ask 6 questions can make journalists so happy! and this is why they love interns. It is the equivalent of scrubbing the toilet bowl (but I quite like it. Don’t tell anyone. Vox pops that is).

One thing that had become quite apparent to me was that people in Ipswich talk. I got the contact details of all the local councillors off the internet – they had their mobiles numbers on it! “hello this is mayor Pisasale.”

Can you imagine Campbell Newman doing that? You have to fight your way through half the imperial guard before you can speak to his secretary!

And when you do talk to them they do just that – Talk! “So how long have you been at the QT? Your on an Internship? Thats Great! How’s it going? Well good luck with that! Now what did you want to talk about?”

When you have multiple stories on the go it is so hard to keep your thoughts organised. I stapled all the notes from each story together and pinned each bundle onto the cork board at my desk. This seemed to work but my brain frequently felt like it was being cleaved in two.