Blog from Cairns:


Note: This blog was written day three in Cairns but I have had trouble logging in!   


Trying to find a “good” tourist information shop has a whole new meaning. Rule number one when you are in Cairns and looking for a tourist information centre make sure the travel agent can speak or at least understand English!


How hard could it be to find a tourist travel shop with an English speaking person? Well here in Cairns very difficult! God, haven’t these people heard of Sarina Russo? Or should we be asking, where the bloody hell are you Sarina Russo? This city is calling for you, it’s a prime city that needs your high rated English speaking school and not to mention you could make an extra million.  


Kuranda Train & Skyrail:  

The old steam engine started to chuff along, I was settling in for the journey through one of Australia’s famous pioneering tracks, singing along to a good ole Aussie tune which was playing as the train slowly moved along the track.


“Give me a home among the gum trees with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two a kangaroo, a clothes line out the back….”


The perfect setting for exploring our country’s history! There I was singing along in a loud and proud aussie voice until the safety came across the intercom in Asian. Did I hear right? Yep I sure did, it was like being back in a lift in Anne Street. Hello QR, there are Aussie tourists on the train as well that can only speak one langue, ENGLISH!


Oh we are such a culturally diverse country…. it makes me so proud!