I’ve recently noticed my instincts in everyday life have changed since starting jschool in Feb.

Nothing drastic, just a few little changes to my reactions to certain things. such as whenever i go to a movie or gig i’m constantly thinking about whether or not it’s worth reviewing.

Also the other week Delphine and i picked up a copy of the latest MX ( purely to check out our competition of course..) on the cover was a picture of car crashing into a whole lot of bike riders in Mexico, it looked incredibly painful on the bike riders part-our reaction however was not shock but an appreciation for the photo- ‘oh that’s a good shot’. Pretty sure i had more sympathy last year..

After Edmund Tadros spoke to us about death knocks i started to see both sides and i can understand why it is sometimes necessary to do them as a warning to to public etc..- where as if you talked to me about it last year i would have thought them to be extremely invasive and rude- end of story. (which i still think sometimes but it depends on a number of things…)

I don’t know if i’m loosing my morals or maybe my mind is opening a little more. I’ll go with the latter.. i might never be able to go a whole day without scanning the world for news stories, but right now, i don’t think i mind that. 


Grace. W