It was with much sadness that I delivered Janni to Brisbane airport last week.

Janni had decided she needed to go home and share her experiences and photos of Jschool 2007 with her family and friends in Sweden.

Janni flew home via Stockholm and Gothenberg before travelling home to Jonkerping with her parents.

I have had a few messages and it is snowing in Sweden.

I’ve started an internship at the Courier Mail this week . There is another intern, a university graduate and a kiwi.

Itching for stories but it’s election time so we interns can not be trusted with real news. Lots of colour!

Doing one week now then another early December .

Going home to hug the Duchess and party hard for my 47th birthday later this month, sans children so looking forward to it very much.

Hope every one is well.

Planning a BBQ when all are about so stay tuned and keep us informed of all you are doing


Brisbane News have an internship available next year but we are all sooooooooooooooooooo over qualified now. And $28,000 is not enough for a Jschool graduate.

Am I wrong? Tell me if you think so.