Week one is nearly done, and I must say, I’ve had fun. It only took me a day or two to figure out I was siting beside and across from the reporters (the faces on TV), who by the way, all have cubicles–no special perks. I’ve read more science stories than I can remember and am now trying to sort out what I’ve read, where I’ve read it and who the possible talents are for each story. The next step will be to contact people to discuss their projects, which is fancy way saying to feel them out to see if they and their research are suitable for a TV story.
I’ve also had a chance to learn a few bits about TV. The funniest was when they realized they had to reshoot a meeting because the sound was crap. It was going to be a fill in the gaps until Mark found out Chris the scientist had had a hair cut. That, in TV, is the end of the world. The whole meeting had to be reshoot. They opted to have everyone in the office pile around the table for affect…that included me. Try as I might, I could not completely avoid the camera!
Today, I sat in on the editing for part of the afternoon. I’m pleased to say that so far, I’ve not made it on TV but they were threatening so I may yet make it to the final cut (John, for you that will be the season finale, carbon offset segment).
Most of all, I’ve really enjoyed finding my niche so to speak. Coming in with as strong a science background as I have, I’ve found it easy to get up to speed and start finding stories, which have either been good because they’ve been done, or been good because they haven’t been done and they fit with the show (either way, I’m catching the right ideas). I want to phone my high school physics teacher and tell her, I didn’t forget about science and it really is fun!
{if there are any spelling mistakes, I appologize, I’ve been working, reasearching and editing my assessment materials since 7:30 this morning and my brain is pretty much fried}