Okay so I’m sick of planes and airports but it was worth it to see all you guys again. I’m still catching up with myself but was back to work today (public holiday in NSW yesterday). I’m really glad I passed shorthand… how did you all go on Monday? Any shorthand success updates? Work is a combination of kids and animals atm because it’s school holidays but I had a pretty good first day back. I’ve kind of realised how lucky I am to get one of the two jobs I said I’d want to have when I graduated. Especially now that I’m a 3rd year cadet. Have many of you thought about where you’d like to work/ started applying? SBS are advertising for News/Current Affairs Cadets on the Seek website if any of you are interested.
I’ve started my bit on FOI but found there is very little of merit to mention. I’ll let you know what I’ve got soon. I can’t believe we graduate in a few weeks – it’s gone so fast!!!
Hope you’re all well.