Its been ages since i spent the day in the class room and even though i didn’t get in till the end of Desleys class the day wore me out. Teeline left my brain numb!

The last few weeks I’ve been busy with broadcast training working Sky News and spending time with the sports crew at Channel Seven. They have been a big help, easy to work with and very supportive.

I started today early trying to get the heads up on what issues were being pushed in Sydney from the week-end’s finals footy games.

Johnathon Thurston’s tackle early in his game was an obvious one.

I got to interview the Cowboy’s coach before today’s broadcast – it’s always good to get an up to date or exclusive quote from the coach just before you go to air.

The short sports cross was not that impressive. Clearly I have a lot more to learn.

Raced home, out of the car, onto the computer for my color story on the Noosa V Nambour Grand Final that i had to send to the Noosa Journal. I’ve been writing for them for a few weeks now and enjoy the change of pace and style.

Change of clothes and onto hero (my motor bike) to take me into town and join class albeit a tad late. I noticed there are more bikes parking in my usual spot today. I had to shift a scooter over a little to get Hero in to comfy spot.

Into class to join Henningham’s Harem and what a fresh faced gang they were. Obviously had it easy on their internships.

I still have my newsroom internship to complete and am looking forward to that once the footy season is over.

Back in class tomorrow John. Then off to Cairns on Friday and returning Monday for my Skynews cross and a weeks internship at Channel Ten News.