Here I am guys. It has only taken several months and some patient encouragement from the great man to get me here.

We have moved and the exit clean was completed yesterday evening at 630.That clean is always draining. Who really wants to scrub a place they have already left but with an enormous bond to be collected and a man who emphatically states “I’m not paying someone else to clean” and then goes away for three days there is nothing else to do but suck it up and scrub.

Is everyone else as nervous as I am about internships?

Definitly looking forward to two weeks without having to think about kids, laundry and whats for dinner.

Two weeks to focus on hours and hours of teeline!

Bit worried about my ability to perform. Despite being well prepared by the great man and his trusty assistant there is a fear of being revealed as a fraud.

Well there are still 103 boxes to uppack so the first time is only brief. Dont worry John Jschool stuff went in a special box with strict orders that it be placed where I could find it first.

A big hello to all and especially Katrina in the south and brother Joe in the north.

It didnt hurt a bit.