I was fortunate enough to get two weeks in Sydney working with Skynews at their Macquarie Park facility.
While Jschool is predominately focused on print media, the lessons gained saw me wrestle through in this television environment.
The energy was evident when I first walked into the studio newsroom. The newsroom is the actual studio where the newsreaders and presenters broadcast their reports off the autocue.

My first week was in sports and I was under the guidance of James Brace, a young sports-nut of a presenter full of energy. He clearly has a passion for both sports and his role as a sports journalist and television presenter.

Skynews is continuous news and as such are subject to a ‘deadline’ every 20 minutes or so, making the work environment very dynamic.

My second week was with the business team. The busy team in business were encouraging and supportive in getting me into the swing of things. They found the time to show and explain the new high tech systems that collate vision, graphics and text for the auto-cue. I felt i contributed more in my second week with far more stories on air and on line in their active on line web site. The business bulletins are continuous like the sports segments, in every 30 minute news report so it is neccessary to continually update the material. There is also a seperate daily market report and trading day report. Each evening Skynews broadcasts a live 30 minute business report as well. I had the opportunity to reseach material for the show and prepare questions for studio guests. Then seated in the control room during the show you see it all come together – teamwork. Jschools work ethic put me in a position to gain the Skynews experience and that in turn has moved my journalism studies and appreciation forward. I now work part time for Skynews.