So firstly a late recap on my recent internship at the BDT in Broken Hill. It took me a while to get used to the regional pace of things… finding things to write about was definately much harder! The staff were all really friendly though and I had a good week. I spent a lot of my time re-writing AAP articles and going out with the journos to observe. After re-writing a few press releases and stuff like that I wrote some of my own stuff. I got a few published later in the week which was great.
I also got some great feedback from some of mum’s work friends on one of the articles. I was sad to leave at the end of the week, especially with the knowledge that they had a journalist leaving and would be needing a cadet to replace her.

When I got back to Brisbane though and heard Joe’s big news I started thinking maybe I could do the same so I contacted them and to cut a long story short I was offered the job. So I, like Joe will be completing JSchool from afar… 1500km to be exact. I’m really happy about the job because I said originally that my top two preferences for work at the end of the year were Broken Hill or Adelaide. Hoping Ill be able to save up enough to do a trip overseas this time next year ( in my hols ). I’ll be living back at home with mum… so that should help.

Now the reason it took me so long to organise all this and update you on it is because pretty much straight after I got back from Broken Hill (via Adelaide) I went on the ZeroSeven (Make Poverty History) roadtrip. While I won’t go into too much detail because this is a JSchool blog it was an awesome week. I think it was fairly successful too because Howard did ‘Face Up’ and Rudd committed to 0.5 GNI to foreign aid by 2015… which is way closer to 0.7 to Howard’s 0.36.

Anyway it was a great week and if you havn’t seen anything of the Opera House projection check it out here:
Anyway we made CNN worldwide with that so we were pretty stoked. Met some amazing people on the trip and it was definately a good way to get my confidence up with talking to people…. I must have approached hundreds during the week of campaigning.

Okay so back to JSchool for a few days before I’m off again and we’re on to subbing. Being of the technology age where computers do almost everything for me… I really didn’t realise how much work went into the production of a paper. I have a new found respect for sub-editors and the work they do. I’m finding it pretty good actually. I find the headings part the easiest I think… I’m terrible for skim reading over minor mistakes. I shall work on that. Speaking of working on things… I hope everyone is going well with their shorthand. I’m a little worried about the exam but I think I’ll be okay.

As for getting ready to leave Brisbane? I’m trying really hard not to get stressed out but there is so much to do! I own so much stuff!! And I have such a small car! That and I have to change over a lot of stuff back to NSW and all sorts. Not only that but mum insists that since I’m driving by myself I take 3 days instead of 2. I’m leaving Wednesday for Moree, then Thursday to Cober, then Friday to Broken Hill…. all by myself! I can assure you I will be bored! Thou shalt not stress Katrina!

So that’s about all I have for now… I have subbing homework to do!

Talk to you soon everyone!