Well hello…

JSchool is back after a lovely two weeks off, only to find three people missing, one permantly who i’m sure we will all miss! Congratulations Joe! Such good news and great opportunity for you. Sounds like the newsroom there is a heap of fun with all the young reporters haha. Best wishes and good luck.

To katrina, i hope the bus trip is going well… and i was thinking if you read this before you get back would you like each of us here at JSchool to take that photo with “make poverty history” written on us to make up the petition tally?…

Anyway i’m sure you’re all dying to hear about my holiday at the good ol’ massive town of Yamba, so i am going to tell you what i did for two weeks. I basically worked, exercised, relaxed, baby sat and partied, oh and a bit of sleeping also happened. It was very fun. I have a two year old brother as i think u all may know about, who can basically speak now (it’s amazing just how quickly they progress through the crucial learning stages of their lives,) some words i think he shouldn’t quite know yet but anyway that’s what my mum gets for having two teenage children and a baby, lol. I also loved seeing the beach again which i loved, and even though it was freezing i still braved the elements to chuck on my steamer and go for a surf! I also watched the union on saturday night at the pub with all my guy friends who were partying in dresses for our local union clubs ladies day (very funny except when the boys are wearing short dresses and bending over to take a shot in a game of pool!) Other then that it was a great game and i’m sure Jo is absolutely stoked that Australia won, cos i know i am… lol.

Anyway that is about all i did for my hoildays.

Take care everyone who is away and hope to see you all soon.


P.s i hope NSW wins tonight, they’d want to after losing this series!