So today we all went along to the Alliance student day at the library. Even though I still wasn’t feeling the best, I found the day informative and interesting. It was good to hear about how journalists got their foot in the door (even if the beers scenario can’t work that well for me). It was also good hearing from the employers in the industry…. although I would have liked to hear from somebody in print. What did everyone else think?
Also, we have seen our new premises which is very pretty indeed. My collection of photo ID’s is growing by the week and I can’t wait to taste that coffee. 🙂
So what can I ask everyone…….. how about what area or rounds you’d like to report on, ideally or to begin with? I can’t decide if I’m most interested in reporting on politics, welfare or the arts. I’m also really really interested in industrial relations and corporate citizenship but I’m not sure there is much of a niche for that… what about the rest of you? Where do you hope to be by this time next year?