I was working away on my homework this weekend and trying to set up video conferencing with my brother and my mom back home. Glitches abounded but we eventually got it working and my mom was ecstatic about being able to not only talk to me but also see me. She promptly held up her webcam to show me her new dog, a rather fluffy husky.

I decided to repay the favour and held up my shorthand exercises saying rather facetiously “Hey Mom, I just paid a lot of money to learn how to write in scribbles.” My mom looked at my page and said at almost the same time, “Oh, they are teaching you shorthand.” Having never heard of shorthand before now, I was blown away that my 59 year old mother knew more about what I was learning than I did.

However, several sessions of question period later, I am now sold on the idea of shorthand. Besides that, it’s fun. It’s like learning a whole new language. Now if only I could figure out how to spell. 🙂