Lessons in Grammar

One of the first things we learnt at JSchool was grammar. It was also one of the many appealing things about the course coming from Canadian curriculum where they no longer teach basic English. And doing my studies in French didn’t help my spelling either. I can never remember if there are “es” on the(…)

Hello JSchool?

Was I the only one that heard John say to post on the blog or are you all having technical difficulties? I’ve been waiting to respond to something all break but nothing was posted!!! Where are you JSchoolees? Hope everyone is well and I shall see you in the morning. Katrina

MEAA Student Industry Day

So today we all went along to the Alliance student day at the library. Even though I still wasn’t feeling the best, I found the day informative and interesting. It was good to hear about how journalists got their foot in the door (even if the beers scenario can’t work that well for me). It(…)

The Art of Shorthand

I was working away on my homework this weekend and trying to set up video conferencing with my brother and my mom back home. Glitches abounded but we eventually got it working and my mom was ecstatic about being able to not only talk to me but also see me. She promptly held up her(…)