When I last posted about my DEX work experience it was on a Wednesday, so here is all of the Thursday/Friday action that followed.

Well actually Wednesday night was pretty full on, couldn’t sleep all night due to kids playing up outside on bikes, made even worse by their parents shouting out gems like “You f*#$ing better get back here right f*$%ing now or I’ll…” Mind you this is at around midnight onwards. Classy people I know. (Here is when I learnt no matter how cheap avoid motels situated next to carvan parks).

That made for a rough Thursday morning but a few coffees had me kickstarted ready to face the day ahead. An interesting day it turned out to be; notorious paedophile Bradley Pendragon (not real surname) was spotted walking around town. Spotted by a former screw no less, who had the job of locking him back in his cell every night after meals/exercises/whatever. That pretty reliable sighting, plus the fact he had family in the area, and the Sydney shelter he was staying told us he had left, made for a pretty strong story.

So after doing a nice warm story on a kids art show at the local primary school, I went to the other end of the spectrum and found myself driving around town with a photographer looking for Pendragon. We knew we had the slightest chance in hell of finding him, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a crack.

Another sleep interrupted night due to rowdy kids followed. Despite this, I woke up pretty pumped on Friday morning. Having lived in the Gold Coast my whole life, I was worried a town like Grafton might bore me (not that I am a nightclub animal or the most exciting person ever). However I had a great time, and was looking forward to showing the staff at the DEX that I was going to finish on a high note.

The day flew by, like the whole week really, and in the blink of an eye I was shaking hands with Peter Ellem (editor) and saying my goodbye to the staff. I meet a heap of really nice people there, and definitely would like to keep in contact with the reporters.

Friday night I was PUMPED to watch the Dockers vs Swans prelim final… what a travesty of a game! Sydney’s ‘flooding’ game style was about as exciting as a kick to the groin, but sadly this low scoring, boring, constricting game plan held the Dockers off. I hope West Coast win the GF; as a football fan that is, I usually can’t stand Sandgropers.

So thats about it. A lovely drive home to the Gold Coast on Saturday morning, followed by a nice relaxing weekend. Sorry for boring you all to death. Until next time – Zane.

ps some exciting developments re: Bundaberg in the pipeline…