The Newsroom is getting back to ‘normal’ after Steve Irwin’s death on Monday.
The reporters have been flat over the past couple of days fileing stories for not only Nine News Brisbane but also for the international media, mainly CBS News America.
Other reporters have also done LIVE crosses to CNN International from the Newsroom and outside Australia Zoo.
However the story, in a news sense, is getting old but stories will still be filed in regard to the funeral & memorial services and the first interview Terri gives (whenever that may be)

Before the tragic events on Monday morning, I travelled out with Sarah Harris to do a political piece on the election snub of education policies.
The report card system of determining which party had the better policies, saw Beattie get a B+ and Libs/Nats a D

Following that quick interview, we dashed over to the Gabba for Leigh Matthews’ final press confrence of the year.
All media outlets were there, with most of them running with the whole ‘2006 season in review’ angle.
Matthews was easy to interview and gave worthy grabs for the cameras.

Other assignments this week included going to the Australian Cricket Teams training session at Alan Border Field and interviewing star batsman Mike Hussey.
The press confrence was full and all the networks ran the story as the Ashes Test Series countdown begins.

Yesterday was my biggest day as I went to Australia Zoo.
Nine has pulled out of sending their anchors to present LIVE from the shrine, avoiding overkill unlike Seven & Ten.
The atmosphere at the Zoo is……hard to explain, the place is very quiet both in the Zoo and outside in the car park where the shrine has been created.
[Will explain the story angle in person]

Today, the election coverage is shaping up to be the big story of the weekend.
Reporters will be stationed in the tally room and others with the political leaders.
Nine is televising the LIVE debate today, which will dominate the bulletin.

The League finals is another big one, with particular focus on the Broncos as they try to stop their horror run of finals slump.

I have also briefly touhced on the technical side of the news making process.
Repoters spend endless time on the machines, sorting through vision and finding the appropriate grabs.

It’s been a sensational week in the National Nine Newsroom, a great learning experience and it has ensured that this is most definitely the profession I want to be in.