Channel Nine Extra reporter Lisa Honeywill summed it up perfectly: “What a week it’s been for you to do an internship with us.”

Its fair to say that the last few days have been the darkest in the shows 15 year history – AND I WAS THERE TO WITNESS IT.

The internship course at Nine runs for Two weeks but is split; One week with the ever-popular ‘Extra’ program, then the final week in the newsroom.

I have been on Extra before to help them out with stories but to go out with the reporters in the car and see how they package their stories after they get back to the studios has been a very benefical, insightful and enjoyable experience.

The big news story of the week, as documented in the Courier Mail, was the ‘axeing’ of Extra host Rick Burnett.
I’ve always liked Rick as a host, and he was always friendly to me while working at Nine
He will, no doubt, be missed and it will be interesting to see how the ratings go – post Rick Burnett era.

The other reporters, cameramen production team are great….very welcoming and do make feel part of it all.

Once the stories are shot and interviews complete – the story will then be cut up and put to air within 1-2 days.
The turn over for stories is amazing and the reporters seem to handle having to do 3-5 stories a week.

So far i’ve seen stories such as:
Summer Fashions
Debt Clearing
EKKA toy recall
Shane Webcke Farewell.

Today I also did vox pops in the Queen Street Mall asking people if they feel unsafe about going to the Mall after the 2nd stabbing in a month.
The responses from the public was great, with many people argreeing that one persons’ madness isnt going to stop patrons going through the mall.
And so they should!