Well on my first post ever I told you all about my poor friend Justin Koschitzke and his injury woes (if you remember Media Watch bemoaned the fact that he was the first story on Channel 9 news one night, rather unfairly I thought). Well GREAT news he made his comeback today (Sunday), played a blinder in the ruck and scored two goals. The win put the might St. KFC into fourth place.

AAP said:
Koschitzke played a good game in his first AFL match since he suffered a fractured skull in round six, and booted two goals alongside some lengthy time in the ruck.

The 23-year-old, who wore a helmet, kicked his first goal from a good pass from Nick Dal Santo and then booted another in the opening minutes of the third.

I knew you were all dying to know his progess.

In other news the new Slayer album is out and let me just say the grandpas of thrash still have it. Contender for the metal release of the year.

Over and out week 2 of the Gold Coast Bulletin to commence.